Latest Release

Version 1.7.2

• NEW: Entry Dates are now editable! When editing an entry, simply tap on the date button to adjust. Then tap the checkmark to save.

Version 1.7.1

• FIX: Resolved an issue that prevented you from editing an entry if it was marked as a favorite
• FIX: Resolved an issue dismissing the camera when editing an entry
• IMPROVED: Better button handling throughout the app
• IMPROVED: Slight UI adjustment on the home table’s circle previews

Version 1.7

• NEW: Entries can now be edited - change the text or take new photos for existing entries
• NEW: Food previews on home page - updated table design now has image previews at a glance
• IMPROVED: Updated header - refreshed minimal design
• IMPROVED: Privacy and What’s New links in Settings open in-app
• IMPROVED: Multiple Images In-App-Purchase reduced price
• IMPROVED: Various graphical tweaks and adjustments

Version 1.6.6

• NEW: Unlock even more images per entry (up to 6 total) – Go to Settings > Manage-Add-ons
• Fixed a spacing issue when adding a new post in Dark Mode
• Fixed a bug that caused the food type label to not show when adding a new entry
• Removed white space when less than 3 images were saved
• You can now start entering pictures without first selecting the food type (previously you would receive an error)
• Removed Tip Jar in favor of Additional Images Add-on

Version 1.6

• Tip Jar added to Settings page • Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Version 1.5

• In-app Dark Mode setting – turn the lights off in the Settings tab for a gorgeous Dark Mode
• Multiple pictures – you can now add up to 3 pictures per post
• Added an all-new menu when viewing entries for sharing, adding to favorites, or deleting
• Numerous bug fixes and improvements throughout the app

Initial Release

Version 1.0

Sonas Chef Journal is your culinary companion, featuring a clean and streamlined design for tracking and rating the meals and drinks you create. Whether you’re a seasoned chef, or just getting started in the kitchen, Sonas Chef Journal will help you maintain a culinary database.


• Bug fixes and improvements