Press Kit

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Introducing Yaktraks

So much in the world has changed in recent years, with more and more changing each day. However one thing that’s remained constant is the need for our kids’ entertainment! Just the other day, my kids discovered a new microphone at my desk and they asked if they could play with it. I sat them on my lap and launched QuickTime so they could record and hear their own voices. They had so much fun coming up with silly things to say and hearing it play back, it sparked an idea in me.

Remember those old voice recorder toys from the 90s and 2000s? They were small, brightly colored, and extremely lacking in features by today’s modern toy standards. But the truth of the matter is, kids are great at finding joy in simple things. Be it a cardboard box they can color and turn into a spaceship, or a microphone where they can say whatever silly things come to mind.

All of this inspired a small, simple project for iOS that I’m calling Yaktraks.

What makes Yaktraks different

Yaktraks is all about simple, honest fun. It’s an iOS app that is built for kids which allows them to record their voice, and play it back with silly sound effects. But what makes Yaktraks different from other “voice changer” apps out there? Well, Yaktraks is

• Built for kids with bright colors and ease of use
• Is privacy focused with no personally identifiable information ever collected
• Is built upon the same principle of the voice-changer toys of olde - simplicity and honest fun
• Is free and requires no monthly subscription


• 6-second recordings just like the toys from the 90s (additional recording durations available via IAP)
• 4 included voice effects (and another 4 available via IAP)
• Multiple App Icons to choose from to customize the homescreen (some included, some available via IAP)
• Premium content and future updates & features are available with a one-time small purchase of just $0.99